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Operation Clean Seas is an exciting month-long initiative that was first launched in 2013 to encourage the whole community to get involved in reducing the impact of marine debris for our iconic marine life and aquatic environment.

This year we will be undertaking Operation Clean Seas for the month of October as part of the Australian Government’s Great Barrier Reef Clean-up. The Great Barrier Reef Clean-up is delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority through Reef Trust in partnership with Eco Barge, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, and local Reef Guardian Councils. Together we aim to reduce the volume of debris entering the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and impacting our wildlife like turtles and dugongs.

The focus of Operation Clean Seas is to have Our Community Cleaning Together and for the entire month of October, Eco Barge would like to encourage everyone out on the water to take a few minutes out of their fishing or boating activities to remove marine debris from the Whitsunday islands and coast.

To become involved you just need to register here and you will then be contacted by the Eco Barge Team and provided with your free Clean Seas Kit that you can use at any island or mainland location of your choice during the month of October. Eco Barge will then collect your bags and add them to our ever growing pile at Eco Barge HQ to highlight the amazing efforts of our community.

Eco Barge will also be undertaking marine debris removal trips and organising land-based clean-ups for community members without a boat to still get involved. Once you have registered your interest in getting involved you will receive email updates about all of these activities.

Don’t let your litter bug our Reef…

Join us out on the water in October!

Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
= 174,764 kilograms